Short Sketches For Retreats

Short Character Sketches for Retreats
(each sketch is 15-20 minutes)

The First Leper Jesus Healed:

What did He do before He spoke the words of healing to the leper?  He touched him!!!!  He touched the leper!!!!

The Woman Taken in Adultery:

How did this happen and where...where is my lover.  He should be facing stoning too.  This is not about me committing adultery.  It is about that Rabbi and these Pharisees.  I'm just the trap they are setting for Him!!

The Woman with the Issue of Blood:

I've been alone for 12 years.  I have nothing money, no family...almost no hope, but there is that Teacher, the One from Nazareth.  He is my last hope and even if it costs me my life, I'll get to touch Him!!

Jairus' Daughter now grown remembers the day they told her she was dead:

They tell me I was dead that day so long ago!  I don't remember anything much after my head started to hurt so badly until I opened my eyes and saw His face and His smile and His eyes!!!


Hannah is a woman grieved by the greatest tragedy a Hebrew woman could know...she was barren.  She wanted to give her husband, Elkanah, children, but God had not seen fit to send her a son.  You will hear of her heartbreak and suffering at the hands of Elkanah's other wife Penninah.  Penninah had Elkanah's children but not his heart.  He loved Hannah, so she made every effort to keep Hannah aware of her failings as a wife.  Listen to the prayer of Hannah's heart and the promise she makes regarding the son that she wants so much.  You will see a level of faith in prayer and a level of self-denial rarely seen in these days of looking out for number one.