Old Testament Characters


Have you ever wondered what Eve's side of the story might be? Well this southern Belle (Eve was created in south Eden!) will tell the story from her perspective. You will laugh at her description of all those events of so long ago but you will also gain some new insights into the heart of Father God as He dealt with His disobedient children.

Length:  20-25 minutes

sarah_small1.jpg As you listen to Sarah, you will travel back through the years to hear of her happy and comfortable life in the City of Ur in the land of the Chaldeans.  Then you will hear of how her world changed drastically when her father decided the family would leave this city and travel to the land of Canaan.  Sarah will tell of following her husband, Abram, in faith as he leads them where his God, Eyloim, tells him to go.  She will tell of the promise of a child, the one dream of her life and the years of disappointment as she awaits this promise.  Finally, Sarah makes a decision that has affected all history since then.  Listen as she tells you of the final fulfillment of the long awaited promised son and think about the promise of another Son who was to be born many years later to save all people.

Length:  35-40 minutes


Meet Ruth, the simple Moabite girl, who longs for some excitement in her small town life.  Listen as she wonders about the strangers who settle in town....the HEBREWS.  You will see her life turned upside down when it is decided that she will learn more about these Hebrews by becoming part of their family!!!  You will experience how her love for her gentle mother-in-law grew through the years until at last she was willing to give up everything that she knew and loved to go with Naomi to Israel.  The love story between Ruth and Boaz is one of the most beautiful stories in all history and you will hear about it first hand.

Length:  30-35 minutes

Queen Esther:  

Esther was a simple Hebrew girl named Hadeseh, when her adopted father, Mordecai, asks her to become part of a crazy contest to find a new Queen of Persia.  You will see how God's hand shaped the events of Esther's life long before she realized it so that she would be in the right place at the right time for "such a time as this".

Length:  30-35 minutes

Mrs. Noah:  

Have a lighthearted look at the story of Noah through the eyes of the one who had to clean up after all those animals!!  You will laugh at her life as she tells you that the first several hundred years were pretty uneventful.  But then Noah began to act a bit strange and they embarked on the adventure of their lives!  Mixed in with the fun and laughter is an important (yet painless) history lesson.  You will be challenged to learn to listen to the voice of God for yourself.

Length:  20-25 minutes