Historic Christians

Sarah Edwards:

Sarah is the wife of one of the great preachers of the Great awakening. She will give you some insights into the man behind the sermon "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" as well as the love of her life. You will hear of her marvelous experience of the presence of the Holy Spirit and of her life as pastor's wife and mother of 11 remarkable children. 20-25 minutes

Susannah Wesley:

She had 19 children in 19 or 20 years, depending on which history you read.  Either way, she was an amazing woman and she raised two extraordinary sons, John and Charles, who impacted the whole world of Christendom in great ways.  Their early training at her knee prepared them for their role in the work of God's kingdom.

Katie Luther:

A young nun begins to read the writing of a heretic priest and longs to be free of the convent prison that holds her.  Somehow the heretic priest, one Martin Luther, heard the story of the nuns who wanted freedom and he helped them.  Not only did he help them escape, but he helped them start their new life.  He had them all settled except for that one young one, Katherine von Bora -- she was a trial.  He found her a husband but she wouldn't have him.  It was Katie's pride which led her to marry Dr. Luther and together they left a mark on the world of Christianity that is felt to this day.