About Us

kriegers_small1.jpg The ministry of Visitors from the Past started in 1992 when Luella accepted a call from God to bring His word to life dramatically through sacred portrayals of women of faith and Biblical storytelling.  After ten years and many thousands of miles, in 2012 God answered the cry of Luella's heart to have Jim join Luella in full-time ministry with her. God took them at their word and sent them to many old and new places as they continue to bring God's word to life dramatically.

Jim and Luella are available for ministry whenever and wherever their message is needed and/or wanted.  We will travel anywhere in the United States if they are invited.  Our winter headquarters is in Georgia and in Central Pennsylvania during the summer. Our ministry is at home in a large variety of settings from Sunday morning worship to church picnics to summer VBS programs.  We are also at home in any denominational setting where the gospel of Jesus Christ is welcome.  Visitors from the Past are equally comfortable doing programs for community groups. We only remind the group that their message is unapologetically Christian.

The cost to have our a ministry for an event is to cover our expenses and a donation from the host.  If there is extensive travel involved we ask that the host church seek additional ministry opportunities for us in order to make the cost to any one church affordable. 

When you are planning a ministry event ,Jim & Luella will dicuss with you the details of the ministry to confirm exactly what your church is hoping for.  We also ask that you invite your prayer warriors to lift the event in prayer well before the date.

The one thing that this ministry needs most is prayer.  This work is the Lord's and will only continue as long as those who believe in it lift it constantly before the Father.